Server Rules and Information.

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Server Rules and Information.

Post by akaBruce on Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:26 pm

Rules of this server: (If you don't follow these you may get banned, or get shouted at by the Administrators, which then makes your experience on this wonderful server horrible, so please follow these very important rules.)

1. No Griefing
2. No Stealing
3. Don't make more than one house! (Or a huge ugly house)
4. Don't annoy others, especially akaBruce
5. Don't advertise another server!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! THIS IS NOT, I REPEAT...NOT a creative server, so I you want to build 24/7 please leave so I don't have to waste my efforts saying that this is NOT A CREATIVE SERVER!

This is a Role Play Survival server.

Tough luck if you like creative, go play singleplayer.

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